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Hazrat Shah Mirza Agha Mohammed (R.A.)

The Message
  • The noise of the lover is only up to the time when he has not seen his Beloved. Once he sees the beloved, he becomes calm and quiet, just as the rivers are boisterous before they join the ocean, but when they do so, there are becalmed forever.
  • To be obedient to and afraid of the Friend is the sign of love, indeed.
  • To acknowledge and to claim do not go together.
  • Whatsoever he wishes, comes before the Enlightened, and to whomsoever he talks, he gets the reply.
  • The Enlightened is ever steeped in the love of the Friend. If he stands, it is out of God's love. If he sits, he is busy in prayers; when he sleeps, his thoughts are fixed on him, and, when he awakes, His memory is fresh in his mind.
  • He, indeed, is constant and firm in love, who, voluntarily, and with delight, accepts all the troubles and pain, received from the Friend.
  • The Enlightened is one, whose heart is a stranger to all love, save that of God.
  • The Enlightened becomes perfect only when all else is removed from in-between him and the Friend. Either he remains or the Friend. Means that, he is ever and anon ashamed of his shortcomings; respect to him means that he devotes himself exclusively to prayers; and, shyness, to him, means that he does not cast his looks on anybody else, except God, All-pervading.
  • The last thing that the Enlightened does, is that, he disdains wealth and splendour.
  • The Enlightened is an enemy of the world, and a friend of God. That is why he renounces the world, and is above the trifles of life.
  • The Enlightened is one, who does not implore from anybody any help except from God.
  • The Enlightened does not keep in his heart anything except Remembrance of God. If the one, who realizes God, does not shun people of the world, then, he, indeed, is not blessed.
  • A spiritual disciple should follow his spiritual teacher faithfully and devotedly. He should carry out the behest of his spiritual teacher, so that he may attain perfection.
  • A Dervish should be so close to God, that, God may give him, whatever he may want. If not, then, he is not entitled to be called a Dervish.
  • One, who wants to be safe from the fire of hell and the fear of the day of resurrection, should obey God. He should obey him in such details, which are superior to any prayer, namely, to do justice to the aggrieved, to help the helpless and to feed the hungry.
  • Whosoever got any blessings, got by generosity, indeed.
  • The repentance of the lovers is of three kinds: Firstly, shame; secondly, avoidance of sin; and thirdly, to purify themselves by purging cruelty and enmity from within themselves.
  • The pious one is ever lost in the love of God. If he stands, it is out of God's love, and if he sits, he is busy in prayers, when he sleeps, his, thoughts are fixed on him, and when he awakes His Memory is fresh in his mind.
  • Those, indeed, are the lovers of God, who, if they offer morning prayers, are, continuously in the thought of the Friend till the next morning prayers.
  • The Enlightened is one, who does not keep anything dear to his heart except the remembrance of God.
  • There comes a time in the life of the contented when they are enamoured of love. And if then, they are torn, as under, they are quite unaware of it.
  • There are such lovers of God, whom the love of God has made them quiet, to an extent that, they do not know whether there is anything else existing in the world.
  • The one, whose heart is enamoured by the love of God, does not look in any direction in both the worlds. And, if he does, he forfeits his claim to be a true lover.
  • He indeed, is the true lover of God, who renounces from his heart the idea of both the worlds.
  • He, alone, is the true lover of God, who severs his bond of love from his parents, brothers and sons, and, devotes himself exclusively to God and His PROPHET MOHAMMED (Peace And Blessings Of ALLAH Be Upon Him).
  • He is a true lover, who welcomes with delight, the sorrows and pain, received from his Friend.
  • The spiritual disciple deserves to be called a Dervish, only when he lives in the world of nonexistence.
  • When one comes on the path of love of the Friend, he becomes nonexistent.
  • In the world, there is nothing better than the society of the mystics, and the respect shown to the saints.
  • The lovers of God hear the talk of the Friend directly.
  • The heart of the Enlightened should be such that, it may efface everything, and may be exclusively devoted to the Glorious vision of the Friend.
  • It is through prayer that the service of God is acquired
  • He, indeed, is in prison house, who claims to be pious.
  • Be ever prepared for death.
  • One, who has love in his heart, does not feel the least troubled by poverty, hunger or asceticism.
  • There are ten things necessary for a Dervish, namely, search of God, search of spiritual teacher, respect, surrender, love, piety; constancy and perseverance; to eat less, to sleep less, seclusion; and last of all, prayers and fast.
  • For the mystic, also, there are likewise, ten things, necessary, which are as follows:
    (i) To be perfect in Divine knowledge;
    (ii) To be neither sorry and sad himself nor to make, others sorry and sad, and not to think evil of anybody;
    (iii) To point the way towards God, and to lead and guide the people towards the Ultimate Good;
    (iv) To be hospitable;
    (v) To prefer seclusion;
    (vi) To pay respect and regard to every one, and to count himself as the humblest and the lowest;
    (vii) To surrender his will to the Will of God;
    (viii) To be patient and persevering in every grief and woe;
    (ix) To be humble and meek; and
    (x) To be contented, and to repose his trust in God.

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